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Donafe's Food Services Limited was bought over by Shobha and Jaishama Chadeesingh in August 2004.

It's main operation and source of revenue is based on a baking company concept specializing in numerous products such as cakes, pastries, breads, rolls, pies, pizzas, gourmet cakes and cuisine dishes with a mix of local flavour.


Donafe's Food Services Ltd caters for special events such as weddings, corporate meetings, baby and bridal showers, birthdays and celebrations throughout the year in association with various companies and provides full catering services for all Indian, Chinese, Italian and West Indian Gourmet Foods.


We supply a full range of eggless products throughout local supermarkets and groceries in Trinidad and Tobago, especially during the fasting months.


The Company has two (2) satellite retail stores (shops) located in Carlton Centre, San Fernando (the hectic passage to High Street San Fernando) and at the Triangle (the buzzing hub) in Penal.


Our main operation and production center is located in Siparia Road, it also serves as a distribution outlet to customers in the environs.

We ensure that all our products are consistent; and of the highest quality by:

  • conforming to all recipes developed by our in-house baker and chef,

  • performing continuous testing by our chemist

  • complying with all health and safety guidelines,

  • upgrading of equipment and staff

  • applying stringent preventative maintenance programs

  • conducting  continuous training, research and development and

  • performing quality checks on the products and packaging before delivery


The production and operation staff consists of eight (8)  personnel and four (4) at our satellite stores.


Our personal and friendly service together with our high quality and healthy products make Donafe's Food Services Ltd a household name for “freshly homemade cakes, pastries, lunches, “Grab & Go” and more bakes.”

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